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Cheerleading– a sport and passion

Have you ever asked yourself if cheerleading is actually a sport? Well I have I asked  myself that everyday before I actually joined a cheer squad in 6th grade. I wondered if it was a good idea because not everyone liked the cheerleaders at my school. They would always say things like “Cheer is not a sport,’’ or “all cheerleaders do is dance, show off, and try to be popular.’’

I went to try outs and I ended up making the team. I won’t lie, I was really happy and excited. I always have my family’s support, they are my No. 1 fans.

8th grade came and I was still on the team yet I was captain this time. Cheerleading became my everything. It was not only something I had to do or something I had to attend to anymore, these three years were the best.

The cheer team became more like a second family. The gym we practiced in became a second home; my coach became more like second mother.

Competitions? Competitions became my life. I lived for them. I lived for that moment – for those 2-minute-and-30-second routines. I lived for the moments that I was not only captain of the team. I was the leader.

So I can assure you that cheerleading is a sport! I learned that and I’m not afraid to express it. I am a cheerleader, and honestly I am very proud of it.

Cheerleading is a sport because it’s just like any other sport. It includes hours and hours of practice to make it perfect. It includes, sweat, tears, and effort. It includes not only being a squad, but also being a team and working hard together.

Cheerleading is a sport because it includes discipline, respect, and caring for one another.