University Prep Value High School

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Toy Drive

Our school does as many things as possible to give back to the community. We value our community and the people in it. Being close to Christmas, a holiday in which we come together and give back to one another, I decided to organize an event which was a toy drive for Children’s Hospital.


Between infants to teenagers spending the holidays in the hospital isn’t ideal, yet something as simple as a toy can cause a joyful feeling during their treatment. Being the organizer and starter of this event, I did this because I believe giving back is the beginning of a community in which one values another as an individual, is nurturing and safe to be in, and will grow much stronger. Doing this event as a school made us proud. As a community, we did the most possible to contribute in making the holidays and each individual’s treatment a little more joyful.


I would like to thank every member of University Prep who helped make this donation possible. Samantha Hernandez, a participant in the toy drive, brought in about 80% of the toys donated. This donation would not have been possible without Hernandez’s phenomenal act of leadership and dedication in being a person of value. Overall thank you Samantha, for demonstrating University Prep’s community values, and being a spectacular leader. University Prep Value High School will continue to seek opportunities to give back and help our community grow stronger.


I would like for every school, business, and community to know about Children’s Hospital’s toy dive to bring more support and assistance to this event. Children’s Hospital Toy Donations are not only during the holidays, but during anytime throughout the year.

Toys are not handed out only during the festive days. Every week, toys are delivered as a form of diversion to patients who are admitted into the hospital. These toys are also provided to the 35 outpatient clinics to reinforce good behavior such as: following treatment plans, adhering to specialized diets, and showing effort in rehabilitation or other types of therapy.

Through the generosity of community supporters, approximately 80,000 toys are given out per year. The distribution of the toys are based on one toy per week, one toy for a procedure or surgery, one toy for a birthday while in the hospital for care, and additional toys may be given if children cannot bring toys from home.


Everyone has a chance to support and give back through this event. Each one of us makes Los Angeles what it is. Let’s try to make a difference in our community. University Prep looks forward to supporting the toy donation whenever possible. Imagine thousands of us supporting this event. Keep this community support event in mind for future school activities. Donation information can be found at or (323)361-8397.

Be a person of value, a leader.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of people in this great community.” -Frank Guzzetta.