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Dance, more than a sport, a passion

Dance is an art performance consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement. This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value, and is acknowledged by performers and observers within a particular culture. Dancing is a form of expression that my family and I use to escape fear and pressure.

Growing up, my sister and I always danced at parties and in our room. I got the habit of dancing from my parents, so we all have that in common.

At my mom’s house, we always bump music and begin dancing in the living room. On the weekends, we often attend dance classes or go to parties.

Dancing has always been an escape route for my sister and I. I tend to play music in my room and begin to dance peacefully to forget about everything. It’s like dancing gives you an illusion in which you are able to picture yourself in a different place.

Next year, I will be taking dance as an elective. I would like to exceed my dance style, form, and learn more choreography.

Dancing is a form of expression that I use in my daily routine. This is something that I hope I can continue to use to escape pressure and fear throughout my life.

Dance is more than a sport, it’s my passion.