University Prep Value High School

End-of-the-semester reflection: Sprint to the Finish


University Prep Value High School is a school with 110 students, all freshman. We have only one week left until benchmarks, and the end to our first semester. We all want to succeed.

High school is a four-year adventure. We are freshman. We are developing our high school skills, and it is a big change for us to learn at a different pace with different skills and people.

Every year is important. A tower is a great way for me to describe this high school adventure. It has a base and structures on top. The base is your strength, obviously, which I see as your freshman year where you learn your skills, your downfalls, and your strengths to overcome your obstacles. While at the base, you aim up for the highest point of the tower in which would be your senior year. Your senior year is when you have reached your goals and your great four-year adventure has come to an end.

At our school, our motto has been “Sprint to the Finish”. This is the way we are working together to reach our fullest potential and also it is adding to our high school adventure.

By sprinting to the finish, we have discovered our biggest strengths and weaknesses. We have also discovered that our self-will and self-motivation will push us through it with passion and perseverance.

What you feel in your heart and mind will be your best power possible. We are the future of our community, and we will make a difference once we get past the sprint to the finish.

“The fate of our country won’t be decided in a battlefield. It will be determined in a classroom.”                                                                                                                                                                       – Anonymous