University Prep Value High School

Gaming Club — one of the many unique clubs formed at University Prep

At University Prep, students and teachers are more than welcome to create new clubs. It all starts with a student who wants to form a group of students who have similar interests, possibly even share the same goals and dreams.

Recently, the Gaming Club has been practicing for tournaments within each other. They practice to see what new skills they have learned. It relates to school because they are working very hard and are following the values of our school. For example, the club meets every day after school to play together as a team and use collaborative learning, which represents all values.

“It’s a way to get a scholarship and become a professional.” said club member and gamer Changyang Kim. “I do it to win and get connections with other people.”

“It helps me distract my mind off problems.” said Marcos Calderon, a club member and gamer as well. “I meet new people and develop new skills.”

Overall, students say the club is fun and a way to build community. They like competing with other schools as well. Some of these schools are from around North America. Their goal is to get the grand prize of $35,000 scholarship.

The teacher advising the club is Mr. Jeffrey Perez, and students are fond with his dedication to the club.

“I am so thankful for Mr. Perez and I honestly appreciate him,” said James Anaya, founder of the club.

“He gives up his own time and money for us. He adapts to our rules instead of us adapting to his rules. All students agree with Mr. Perez being a really cool and supportive person,” said club member Jason Cho.