University Prep Value High School

Meet my ‘serious’ friend Nate

Nathan Andrew Gutierrez is a young boy that is now in high school that has the potential on playing basketball. He loves to play ball, it is his passion to play.

The reason why I admire Gutierrez is because if he doesn’t understand something, he will ask for help. I like to help him out in some classes that I have with him. He barely smiles, but my question is why “Nate,” the most serious person I know, when I tell you to smile you’re still serious?

He doesn’t like his middle name. When they call him by his middle name, he smiles little but still gets serious. Even though he still serious, I still like to make him smile.

He is a humble person and will try to help other students. Nate is the most respectable person I’ve ever met.


What can I do to help him smile??