University Prep Value High School

My freshmen year at University Prep Value

Around this time last year I started my freshmen year at University Prep Value High School. I entered this school knowing no one.

Throughout the year I met new faces and got closer to some classmates. The teachers were respectful.  Deep down inside I knew this school was different. I liked that because everyone was friendly and willing to help you out.

At University Prep we live everyday within our “Five Values.” They are Academic Excellence, Potential, Respect, Building Community and Giving Back. Last year, we had many opportunities to give back to the community such as the toy drive, Thanksgiving meal, community cleanups and more.

Every Friday, we would have “Community Time” in our community room and Mr. Doyle, our principle, would talk about how the week went for all of us. We gave away Nails Awards, which are the most important awards at our school, to anyone who demonstrates a value can get one.

Throughout the year I became frustrated with not being able to understand assigned homework. Study parties helped me finish any late or missing work. These study sessions really helped improve my grades.

Field trips were always fun because we took the whole school and no one was left behind. Even though we didn’t spend our first year in a proper school building, we had a great time and made the 4th floor of 700 Wilshire Blvd. a safe place. We have become a family.

High school is like a rollercoaster with many highs and lows. But even with all the drama, you are able to get through them because the help from friends.

My year went really well and I hope sophomore  year is as great or better.