My love toward the misunderstood dog breeds

Time after time we read story after story that positions one dog breed or another as “dangerous” or “fail dog.” The most common breeds to experience criticism and misunderstanding are pit bulls and Rottweilers. People tend to only make news of the these two breeds’ violent behavior. If a golden retriever bites a person, it…
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Karina Aguilar

September 13, 2016

Time after time we read story after story that positions one dog breed or another as “dangerous” or “fail dog.” The most common breeds to experience criticism and misunderstanding are pit bulls and Rottweilers.

People tend to only make news of the these two breeds’ violent behavior. If a golden retriever bites a person, it will most likely not be newsworthy for the fact that golden retrievers are not a breed associated with a bad stereotype or labeled as dangerous. However, when an incident happens with pit bulls and Rottweilers, it’s considered “big news” because they have been given a history with violence.

Certain dog owners say that these dog’s instinct is to guard and not to accompany. They aren’t friends, they’re a method of security. The bad stereotypes are caused by bad owners in acts of selfishness and cruelty.

What some call dangerous, violent dogs can be the most lovable friend one can have. The same way you can teach a “vicious” pit bull and Rottweiler to hurt is the same way you can teach them to show affection.img_0011

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I am a proud owner of two blue-nose pit bulls: Roxxi and Mia. I have incredible affection towards them.

My dogs have shown me a form of love that I find to be extremely touching. I, as well, have a Rottweiler who is a neighbor and has proven the “vicious and dangerous breed” stereotype wrong! Packer is a 4-year-old rottweiler. He is the meaning of lovable. I’ve witnessed Packer show affection, as well as being protective of his owner, his neighbors, and close friends.

My two pit bulls and Rottweiler neighbor are the example of misunderstood breeds who are horribly labeled. These three dogs prove the exact opposite of “vicious and dangerous.”

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Mia is a 4 years old and has been by my family’s side in the most rough and happiest times.

My mother was diagnosed with depression, so there are times when she isolates herself. My mother’s first fall was when Mia was a few months old, and every time my mother relapsed I witnessed Mia become protective and never leave her side.

The affection Mia has towards my 2-year-old niece is loving. Since my niece was born, Mia adores her by checking on her once she wakes up, when she cries, or simply providing loving company.

A dog’s feelings are similar to humans, we love, we protect, and we worry about our loved ones’ well being.


Roxxi is a 3 years old, and has the most cheerful and playful attitude. Roxxi is very different from Mia, she has a happy and loving spirit.

Roxxi’s way of being has picked me up from my downfalls. Two years ago, I had been hospitalized and was emotionally unbalanced. I remember crying my first night back home and Roxxi climbing into bed with me. She saw the tears and licked them off, then stayed and comforted me throughout the night.

The way Roxxi adores my baby niece always makes her smile and laugh.

Roxxi has just brought so much joy into our household.


Packer is a 3 years old, and loves nothing more than making everyone around him feel safe and cared for. As well as a Green Bay Packers fan, Packer is very wise, he understands commands but also understands how a person is feeling.

A close friend of mine one day was just in a bad place. He sat in our parking lot and cried, and a few seconds later, Packer came out. Once Packer saw the tears rolling down his face, Packer understood the sadness that he was feeling. Therefore, Packer licked his tears and sat next to him to keep him company until my friend no longer felt stuck in a bad place. After being by his side for a while, Packer rubbed his head on him in an attempt to show affection.

Packer is a loving, protecting, thoughtful companion.image

The affection of these three dogs changed my world. Society continues to criticize these two beautiful breeds because of the mistakes made by bad owners. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “bad dog” or “fail dog,” but I do believe that there are many bad owners, many arrogant owners that don’t realize the beauty in these breeds.

Any breed of dog can be trained to kill, any breed of dog can be trained to protect, any breed of dog can be trained to provide love and companionship. Dogs feel just like humans do, they feel love, safety, anger, sadness, affection, and kindness.

Stereotypes will continue to grow but I’m a proud owner of  Mia and Roxxi who happen to be pit bulls. My neighbor is a proud owner of Packer who happens to be a rottweiler. I’m sure there are many owners of the same breeds who are proud of being owners of those specific breeds knowing that this stereotypes put on innocent dogs are nothing but lies.

Then there is this unfortunate situation with good dogs and a bad owner. Those dogs are forced to embraced this disgusting stereotype. Before considering passing judgement on any dog people call “vicious, dangerous, or fighters,” consider who should be really labeled. An innocent dog following command or the failure of an owner who cruelly forced an amazing dog into a “bad dog?”

I ask many people to try to understand the misunderstood breeds. Every dog deserves the chance to be itself without people fearing them. A basic human need is affection, and we believe we deserve it. Why don’t these labeled dogs deserve affection as well? I love my pit bull and will defend the misunderstood.img_002820151114_151839981_iosfacebook-20160210-031219


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