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My Quinceañera experience

Most Latina girls want to have a Quinceañera because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday and her transition from childhood to adulthood.

I just had my Quinceañera on Aug. 20. My favorite and special part of the celebration was when I danced with my dad, which is known as the “father-daughter dance.” More of that below!

When you start to plan a Quinceañera, it’s the moment when you start to plan the big party. You invite all your friends and family to celebrate the special day of your life. The mass will be located in a church where you technically had your baptism. Before a week or two of the big celebration, the girl has to go to confess all her sins to the priest.

The Quinceañera’s symbols for the mass are the rosary and medal, which signify your consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and they are a token of her friendship and assistance. The other symbols are a lighted candle that reminds you of the faith given to you in Baptism, which you’re willing to renew.

More symbols include the Bible or a prayer-book: God’s Word is a light for your path through life. Flowers symbolize your youth and are to spring what youth is to humanity.

Besides the party, the best part is when you get to choose the dress. The dress represents who you are.

At the party, they show a picture slide when you were a baby to the women that you are now. After that your dad changes your flats or sneakers to the heels, which represents that your dad is symbolically escorting you into womanhood and the event is witnessed by her community. They also put a crown on your head.

One of your godparents will give you “La ultima muñeca,” which is the last doll. The father-daughter dance follows, which means that it’s the last dance with your father as a child. The waltz follows and then the surprise dance to perform in front of friends and family.

The night ends when the cake is cut and passed out to friends and family. Everyone has a blast enjoying your special day known as your Quinceañera.