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Owning a horse has changed my life

Owning a horse is a huge responsibility. I witnessed that first hand when I decided to take that responsibility and sign up for a whole new lifestyle. My family and I have dedicated our time and love to care for these amazing animals.

December 2014 is when I got my first horse named “Martini.” My parents purchased Martini from an auction in Las Vegas ran by the family owned “Twombly Performance Horses.”

Martini has taught me a lot of responsibility and to appreciate life. This might sound silly but Martini gives me hope and has taught me how to trust. She is my motivation and teaches me to never give up.

In your mind you’re probably thinking “What the heck, how?” Let me tell you. Horses are wild animals, therefore, they can be so unpredictable and anything can happen at anytime. Riding a horse is challenging and sometimes horses get moody just like us humans, so when that happens I’ve learned not to give up, persevere, and make her do what I want her to do. I’ve also learned to trust her with my life.

Martini and I have gotten so attached that she’s knows that I will never do anything to put her in harm and neither will she. She is my responsibility. I groom her, exercise her, give her her supplements, and make sure she’s well taken care of. I absolutely love the equestrian lifestyle because it’s different, but amazing.

My father has been my biggest supporter since I’ve gotten Martini. My dad always comes with me to the barn and it has made us bond more than ever.

A year later my father purchased my second horse, “Tejas.” I am looking forward to learning new things and to hopefully advance my riding skills as these years go by.

People have different opinions and thoughts about equestrian life. From my experience so far, it’s been pretty awesome and educational due to all the information I’ve learned from Martini. It’s a lot of things you would have never thought of.

Horses become part of your family and you can’t let them go.