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Poem: ‘Drowning’

Picture fighting for your life

You are terrified

You gasp for more breath

Fear. Panic. Confusion.

Yet, with every gasp of air you take, you hope it will not be your last.

But you feel weakened, having given your best fight,

You are surrounded as if by water,

Pulled down by its weight

Flooding your lungs,

Your heartbeat a ticking time bomb

Thumping in your ears.


Drowning scars the mind and soul.

Drowning is not only a physical accident,

It’s an overwhelming breaking point, emotional and mental trauma.

Drowning in your mind with thoughts and frustrations of your own lack of courage,

The sensation of  drowning is losing control, losing the ability to perform at full potential.

You are losing control of your commitments, desires, relationships, even yourself.


Picture being aware of losing control

Becoming overwhelmed with your life.

The path you’ve walked so far.

The life you’ve cherished every day.

But you’ve met obstacles you can’t overcome;

You feel the desire, the potential to overcome the challenge–at first.

But you feel like you can’t.

The challenge is too demanding and difficult,

It’s too much for you.


You hope,

That although it feels like too much

You won’t give in

You’ll be able to control yourself; you’ll be able to balance.

But eventually,  you begin to lose control,

Hope becomes an illusion,

Determination to remain balanced isn’t a priority anymore.


Becoming unbalanced certainly damages you, more mentally than emotionally.

Having overwhelming days,

Feeling pushed down, weak, helpless.

Picture yourself drowning

Fearful. Cowering. Lost.

Unbalanced in your life.

Overwhelming yourself with negative discouragement

Drowning your capability of controlling balance, enforcing courage


Many feel as if they’re drowning daily.

A response of survival or defeat is your only choice now.


Drowning is terrifying, horrific.

Acknowledge your value and potential,

Create strength and desire to survive.

Giving up seems easy, but could never amount to the potential you are.


I have felt day today as if I were drowning,

I have been lost in how to even gasp for a little guidance to survive.

Fortunately, I know my value as a person.

I know I can survive.

I will survive.

Recognizing my potential and value will never allow me to give up.

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