University Prep Value High School

Poem: Pigment

We live in a country that is considered free and just to all.

Are we all living up to this description of our home?

Why in my free land am I seen lower only because of my beautiful race?

I’m seen lower by the white man because of my brown skin.

Because of ignorant stereotypes and uneducated assumptions.

How is the Hispanic race truly free?

If the second our race is known we are labeled?

In the blind eyes of the “majority” I’m considered a bad person.

In other words a criminal, a danger to others .

I cannot count how many times I’ve heard my race being called: Murders? Thieves? Rapist? Drug dealers? Whores? Prostitutes?

I’ve been told because of my race I am poor, uneducated, ignorant, and stupid.

I am may be poor but my family and I work hard for what we have; we’re simply humble.

I’m not uneducated nor stupid. I am a motivated student with knowledge you wouldn’t understand.

I am not ignorant due to my knowledge both academically and morally.

Truth is who are we to look down upon each other? We are all capable of the same things, good or bad; evil or kind.

My pigment is not the same as the “majority” but I’m proud! I have beautiful brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair.

I am a beautiful person both in my interior and exterior.

I am not ashamed of your idiotic offenses, there is good and bad in every color, but the next time you point fingers because of a stereotype, make sure they embrace it because like myself, I will prove you wrong.

I will show you how ignorant you sound naming me all these pathetic names!

I know I am a humble, educated, hardworking Latina that is capable of doing as much or more than you!

The person under that pigment will be the one to tell you who they are and not the stereotypes coming from an ignorant person. Remember, it’s just a shade of skin not the true mind and soul.