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Thank you

Thanksgiving, a holiday where we thank the people who have mentored us and helped every single student become a person of value. At University Prep, we have five values which are: Academic Excellence, Potential, Respect, Building A Safe Nurturing Community, and Giving Back to the Community.

Throughout community time, class periods, community service events, tutoring, and events in these past months, our teachers and staff members have helped us live up to those values. Being a school with only seven teachers and a few staff members, it must be hard to inspire 118 students to live up to all those values. Though, those teachers and staff members have somehow managed to inspire all students to have the mentality and passion to be an educated person of value.

What makes us an incredible school is the perseverance we have for success. Our five values that are taught and displyed in every class, every day are making 100% of our students go into four-year universities. We welcome Ms. Taylor and again thank her for her help in her short time here. Overall, this is a big thank you to all our teachers, staff, our Vice Principal Mr. Poyer & Principal Mr. Doyle.

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