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The impact of Value Schools


I remember the contrast of being in a public LAUSD school for six years and then going to Downtown Value School in sixth grade. I really saw a difference in how the teachers taught and how an interest they had in being there to make sure you receive the best education possible.

There are few students in a value school versus thousands at a public school. The difference I think is that with few students there is more time to dedicate to each  individual student. One-on-ones is a very important integer toward academic success because it allows a pupil to express doubts, share ideas, and let a teacher know what she/he needs to cover and what their students need to develop their full potential.

There are currently four value schools in Los Angeles, which are two elementary/middle schools, Downtown Value School and Everest Value School, and two high schools, University Prep Value School and Central City Value High School. The purpose of a value school is to implement the values with the purpose of carrying them with students through high school, college and beyond.

The value high school I attend is University Prep and as we are barely in our first school year we have accomplished so much. We have 110 freshman attending this school year and 48 eighth-grade students going to join us next year.

I truly believe value schools has and will continue to impact many students in this city.

These values by which we’re committed are:

*Academic excellence is the means to a full life.
*Each student can develop to his or her fullest potential.
*Each individual is unique and deserves respect.
*A safe, nurturing community is essential to academic excellence.
*Service to others is a responsibility of every educated person.


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