University Prep Value High School

The importance of giving back

ndf4At University Prep Value High School, we value the opportunity to give back. We believe that our community has given us the chance to create something so great; something we are creating everyday, which is our school.

We are so grateful for this. Thus, we find giving back to our community a way of showing how much we value those who have supported us.

A few community service projects our school have been involved include Aids Walk LA. Essentially, we contributed toward furthering research to find cures and treatments for this disease by walking six miles for this charity. In total, we had 16 students and two staff members representing our school at the event. We also showed how much we care and look up to this initiative because we believe each life counts. If you have the power to make a difference in our world, why not contribute?

Another event we volunteered was a community clean-up event in the Pico Union area. The hope is to be able to build a permanent home for University Prep and to start our 2016-2017 school year there. By showing that we value the community that we will soon be moving into, we show that we come with good intentions and will project all of our five values as the exceptional school that we hope to become.

Two fundraisers we have contributed to are Socktober and the canned food drive. First, Socktober was about donating socks to a charity that would give them to homeless people who may need them. By donating socks, we demonstrated that we appreciate everyone in our community including those who may not be in the best situation.

Secondly, the canned food drive was to donate food to the less fortunate because a lot of people in Los Angeles do not have the resources to simply support themselves. We contributed over 250 items of concealed or canned food to those at the Los Angeles Mission who otherwise may have been on an empty stomach on Thanksgiving.

We also participated in the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Angelica Lutheran Church on Burlington Avenue, which was also to keep the less fortunate from spending Thanksgiving alone and hungry. We served over 400 people in need. This church was one of the first locations that housed our sister high school, Central City Value.

Our principal, Mr. Doyle, has pledged to always participate in the Thanksgiving Dinner at Angelica Lutheran to show appreciation for their generosity when they opened their doors and allowed Central City to hold classes there.

As you can see, our value No. 5, Giving Back to the Community, is very important at University Prep Value High School.