University Prep Value High School

University Prep cleans up Pico Union

20151114_170318046_iOS20151114_192131747_iOS 20151114_183726408_iOS 20151114_183728574_iOSOn Nov. 14, University Prep Value High School took one step closer to its future home and attended a community clean up hosted by the Red Shield Salvation Army in the Pico Union community. During this event, 42 students, seven administrators, and community members came to clean up the Pico Union area. The Salvation Army was generous enough to lend us all the supplies needed to make the clean up possible.

Principal Mr. David Doyle had a wonderful idea: to clean at the actual location of the future school campus, which was successful. Students were happy to know they had a chance to clean the neighborhood in which they will be a part of. We hoped people could see and appreciate all our hard work. We were very intrigued to join the Pico Union community and make connections with the residents, which will hopefully receive us well. University Prep wants to get the community to see that we are an exceptional school of values. By doing good deeds, hopefully, parents will want to enroll their children in our school.

There was a group of kids who stayed near the Salvation Army. This group went around picking up trash and making sure the streets were cleaner than they were before the clean up. Mr. Perez and a few students carried a mattress all the way to where the garbage was being collected several blocks away.

We finally met at The Salvation Army to eat a meal. We had a great time. There we found L.A City Councilman Gil Cedillo. He spoke to the students who were there to learn about our school.