(Image courtesy of Karina Aguilar)
University Prep Value High School

University Prep hosts its first AIDS walk

On my behalf and the other 15 students who attend the Aids Walk we would like to thank Mr. Doyle & Ms. Adelman for their supervision in order for us 16 students of UPVHS to attend our first Aids Walk as a school.

Our school has 5 values, in this event we developed all 5 which are Academic Excellence, Developing Potential, Demonstrating Respect, Creating A Safe Nurturing Community, and Giving Back To The Community.

We developed Academic Excellence by becoming more educated about the disease, knowing facts and not assumptions.

We developed Potential by supporting a cause that some found immoral, before attending we had been told we might encounter people who do not agree with us.

At the event we did encounter a few people who believed what we were supporting was wrong, yet we continued our walk of 6.6 miles to support the cause we believe is right. Throughout the walked we demonstrated respect, everyone deserves respect having this disease or being perfectly healthy we all deserve the same respect.

We created a Safe Nurturing Community by giving one another support to keep walking, we also interacted with other walkers in which we learned things from another point of view.

Lastly we gave back to our community, by walking the 6.6 miles we gave all our effort and potential hoping to show or inspire someone that they aren’t alone we stand as a community.