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What is a minority in Los Angeles?

The races of the many people in Los Angeles are mainly categorized into two groups: majorities and minorities.

Statistics provided by the Census Bureau states that the population of the majority accounts for 50.3 percent with white people holding that majority. Latinos are the majority of the minorities that populates 48.4 percent of Los Angeles. There are many other races who fall into the minority group.

In such a diverse city as Los Angeles, Whites and Latinos hold the two largest percentages, almost being equal. The very small percentage incredibly makes an enormous difference within Los Angeles.

I am a 16-year-old female who happens to be Latina. I became curious of the system that categorizes the group of the majority of minorities . This leaves a simple question, “What is a minority in Los Angeles?” No answer is applicable.

Imagine the minority majority growing higher than the majorities. If the Latino population is the majority of residents, this questions the system of categorizing races. Although Latinos have the highest population in Los Angeles, will they ever fall into the majority group, or will they always in some part be considered minorities? Will the white race ever be anything less than the majority? Will Latinos grow? Will whites become the disadvantage?

Race and ethnicity are a very big conflict in Los Angeles, as well in many other cities throughout the United States. How will the change affect the culture in America ?

We are not any less human, we deserve to grow.