True Food Kitchen remains one of the few restaurants that cater towards the allergen-free population. (Photo by Sanya Tinaikar)


Review: True Food Kitchen: A haven for the allergen-free

One restaurant in the heart of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania offers an extensive menu interspersed with an impressive array of gluten-free and vegan dishes: True Food Kitchen.
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Sanya Tinaikar

April 23, 2022
Ever since the words “gluten-free” and “vegan” have been deployed in the modern-day culinary vernacular, few restaurants have reliably provided services catering to the allergen-free population. However, one restaurant placed right in the affluent heart of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania has managed to successfully assemble an extensive menu interspersed with an impressive array of gluten-free and vegan dishes: True Food Kitchen. 

A recent visit begins with a light refresher recommended by our waiter to ease into the main course: iced apple-lemonade. First taken aback by the slight acerbic taste of the lemon upon the first couple of sips, the marriage with the apple juice balances a lovely candied aftertaste. 

We first start with a Korean Noodle Bowl, both gluten-free and vegan. The glass noodles are made from sweet potato and are steeped in a tangy soy sauce, juxtaposing the natural garden taste with a piquant touch. Layered under are bean sprouts painted with a light mixture of rice vinegar and lime juice — a delectable crunch that lightens the spiced noodles.

Garnishing the pillowy noodles is a blizzard of thinly sliced carrots completing the presentation with a tinge of warm color. The zestful fragrance infuses the room amidst repartee and quips exchanged between customers. The most memorable part of the dish, however, is the pickled shiitake mushrooms. The size of a bottle cap, the ersatz meat peppers every bite effortlessly creating a flawless partnership with the noodles. The bowl wears its presentation plainly; however, it’s the intricacies of each aspect of the dish that produce something entirely different. 

In an attempt to broaden our taste buds to gastronomic delights, for $8.99, we try the Squash Pie — yet again a splendid gluten-free and vegan dish. Served as a wedge topped with coconut meringue, the pie is the epitome of a hazy late autumn day; the cream softens the cinnamon-bombed filling, preventing the spices from overpowering the palette. I find myself reaching for repeated bites of this marvelous autumnal mouthful. 

“Sourcing with integrity” is of great pride at True Food Kitchen; every single ingredient used on their menu is selectively picked and hand-crafted into a signature dish full of irresistible flavor. Using whole-grain and organic fruits and vegetables is of utmost importance in their culinary philosophy.

And perhaps they are some of the select few restaurants that have successfully implemented a full allergen-friendly menu.  You can find over 20 dishes that are both gluten-free and vegan; additionally, other burgers and sandwiches are also offered with gluten-free bread. For those suffering from allergies, like myself, True Food eliminates the strenuous and awkward process of requesting conventional restaurants to make their dishes allergen-free.

Of course, dining at an establishment catering to those needs comes at a price. Dishes that are normally $5.99 at a small, run-of-the-mill restaurant are up to $9.99 here. However, the diverse offerings and accommodative menu account for the inflated prices. With the familial warmth that the restaurant emanates from its use of incandescent light bulbs to the amicable grins of the staff, dining at True Food Kitchen is certainly worth putting a couple of extra dollars down.