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New S.T.E.A.M. Grant, new opportunities

Technology at school brings opportunities for students!

Shortly after the STEAM Grant, students at LAUSD USC Cinematic Arts and Engineering Magnet were privileged enough to get new technology. All year long, students have practiced on getting better at using the new technology, such as the Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs, Canon cameras, video cameras, audio mics, tripods, and even accessories like bags and cases for all the equipment. Because of the STEAM Grant, our school was able to open up new classes that offer new opportunities for the future of the students. This year, new classes such as Film, Photography, and Broadcast Journalism are some of the privileged classes to have hands-on projects with the new equipment. But today, we will focus on the Broadcast Journalism class.

The new classes are capable of opening up many opportunities, the students now have the ability to enter contests and possibly even earn scholarships. Students have quickly improved and have done an amazing job while using the new technology. Because of STEAM, many teachers have had to change their ways of teaching. According to Mrs. Smith, a teacher who teaches English, AVID, AP U.S. History, Journalism and started Broadcast Journalism this year, believes that the STEAM grant has definitely not made her teaching plans easier. She explains that STEAM wants teachers to work to create lessons that will connect together, and although it takes more time, she says the outcome will be worth it.

Teachers like Mrs. Smith agree that some of the many opportunities that use technology opens up students’ college and career readiness. It will also help students to work in a team and that will definitely make them successful. She also believes our school has gotten a lot better with the use of technology because of the fact that students use more creativity and it helps them to learn to be more effective.

“In Broadcast Journalism, student journalists relay school and relevant topics through a variety of broadcast mediums, including podcasts and video broadcasts,” said Mrs. Smith.

The students have been very fortunate and been provided a lot of new technology like video equipment, audio and sound mics, and even a MacBook Pro cart. She tells us how there is not one day that her class doesn’t use the equipment and that her class is usually more outside than in class.

The class period typically consists of pitching and presenting ideas to writing and producing, and then lastly, recording and editing new video features. The Broadcast Journalism class has many plans for the future and Mrs. Smith is beyond excited. In the future, she would expect her students to step away from practice and have a weekly broadcast. She believes it’d be really amazing if the broadcast were able to go out to everyone in the school and take over the announcements while using a live video instead of an intercom.

As the Broadcast Journalism class is helping students pursue their future, it is also a very unique and more exciting way to tell news on campus. Freshman Andrew Mercado who believes that without the STEAM Grant, the class wouldn’t be possible because they would not be able to broadcast without cameras and not be able to edit without computers. Mercado says that he enjoys the class because it will help him to be a better journalist in the future.

Freshman Alexuz Bejarano explains that in Broadcast Journalism, the class hasn’t completed many projects yet because it’s a long process to complete each feature. We asked Bejarano what her favorite broadcast project was and she told us that it was the first project they ever did, a podcast. According to her, their most recent finished project was a News Feature. In their feature, they were allowed to report anything that was happening on campus, or something that their viewers would be interested in. As of now, all students in the Broadcast Journalism class are creating a full length broadcast of what is happening at school and will hopefully be previewed to the entire school.

When LAUSD USC Cinematic Arts and Engineering Magnet received the STEAM Grant, attending students were privileged enough to open up new classes as well as new technology.

Written and Photographed by Marlene Becerra & Lourdes Ortiz

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