LAUSD / USC Media Arts & Engineering Magnet

Thrive at Red Shield Community Center


Students from LAUSD / USC Cinematic Arts & Engineering Magnet spent the year finding organizations around their neighborhoods that offered opportunities for teens to gain experiences outside of the classroom.

After researching these organizations, students produced, shot and edited documentaries to showcase the amazing work being done by area students.

Our ultimate goal is to help raise awareness for all teens about these opportunities to improve the health, education, career readiness, and safety of themselves, their peers, their families, and their neighborhoods.


Come to a place where academic success, physical activity, and leadership merge. The Salvation Army does more than just collect donations, it sponsors Red Shield Community Centers all across the country.

The primary focus at the Red Shield Community Center is to guide and mentor young people and strengthen families by providing quality educational and recreational programs in a positive and safe environment that encourages personal growth that positively impacts family and community.

Red Shield offers more than an amazing after-school program where local children can play and work on homework, and local teenagers can serve as mentors. It offers for growth to anyone and everyone.

Produced and shot by Marlene Martinez and Rachel Roundtree

The equipment used to make this documentary was acquired in help from a generous grant from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.