USC Hybrid High School

Generation Girl: Inspiring girls to build

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Young women are taking the world by storm. Generation Girl was an event that was started by Maddie McCarthy and it is a partnership with Sparks SC and Girls in Tech USC. The event was a fun-filled afternoon designed to expose young high school girls to the tech industry. McCarthy and her team worked with our school to provide the opportunity for over 50 girls from USC Hybrid High to spend an afternoon at USC; working with current college students and experts from the tech industry.  

This event was over the top eye-opening and it opened many doors for the youth at USC Hybrid High School. Girls went in not knowing what to do or expect but they came out with a much bigger perspective on the tech community. We got to work with 3D printing, coding, got to create our own personalized website and pitch ideas. The pitch competition was really exciting as the girls formed teams to create a business proposal and pitch it to a panel of industry experts, though my group didn’t win, it was still exciting and we all celebrated when the winning team received tickets to the Jingle Ball Concert.  

Although engineering is male-dominated area, that doesn’t mean women can’t enter and compete with the men. That is why McCarthy started Generation Girl; more young girls need to be inspired to do something great in life and break the stereotype and the inequality of women in the engineering world.

Many of the 53 girls who went on this amazing trip got to interact and get in touch with some awesome people who are in STEM fields. The four-hour long event gave us some fresh perspectives on what the tech industry is all about. I personally never thought coding would be so intriguing but it caught my eye and now that’s all I want to do.

Tech is such a male-dominated area that sometimes can be discouraging to give it a try simply because of your gender.

A fellow peer of mine, J. Garcia, who went to the event said that she would  describe it “as a place full of positive energy and encouragement. You got to be yourself while you were participating in the many different activities and you weren’t discouraged because of your gender”.

The Generation Girl event was truly inspirational and motivating for many future young girls in technology and engineering.