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Surviving as a USC Hybrid High transfer

Have you ever had the feeling of anxiety or nervousness as you walk into an unfamiliar surrounding? Well, you are enjoying then your parent or guardian uproots you into a whole new school and you know little to no one. Well that is what these new transfers had to go through. I transferred here in the second quarter at USC Hybrid High School (USCHHS). It was hard at first but once you get the flow it seems like you have been here since the beginning.

Now it’s the second semester and we have more transfers.

“I felt intimidated of walking into a new school,” said sophomore Jean Salazar.

“I felt both excited to experience this new opportunity but also scared being in an unfamiliar environment,” said sophomore Anaya Arnold.

“I was more nervous,” said sophomore Addison Arnold.

“Through the doors of the school as wings half past seven , I felt ordinary,” Spanish transfer Dorian Hernandez said.

Those were only three of six new 10th graders here at USCHHS. We recently just got a new transfer. I was just in their shoes not too long ago. Here’s my advice to you: be confidant that you are smart enough to be on top of us. Like take Arnold’s experience for example, she is new and already made the softball team. So as long as you stay true and be yourself, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Welcome to USC Hybrid High School.

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