USC Hybrid High School

The grand test: To pass or fail

It was only a matter of time until the juniors of USC Hybrid High School would be the second generation of the school’s legacy. In short, yet sufficient time, everyone will be applying to colleges, getting either accepted or rejected. Before applying to colleges, however, the juniors were met with an obstacle with the potential to tear down the dreams of many, including myself.

Since entering this high school, students have been practicing mock-ACT tests in preparation for the actual one near the end of junior year. The majority of the workload was based on the skills and standards aligned with our state’s common core standards. In a student perspective, the writing assignments, the equations, the bar graphs, the timed readings, were all composed for the same purpose: to enhance the general knowledge and capabilities of a student while honing his and her testing skills. Countless hours had been spent for this grand event. With great suspense, the curtain was gradually unfolding.

Overwhelmed by the daily assignments on Canvas and deluged with motivated talks by all staff members of the school, everyone had their palms sweating knees weak, arms were heavy. That overwhelming thought, roaming around in everybody’s head, jabbing on each and every corner of the core, a question hung loose in everyone’s mind: “Am I ready?”

For our 9th and 10th graders, as you get ready to take your tests, to get you ready for your official ACT, here’s an advice to alleviate your anxiety: eat well and stay hydrated before you go to the testing room, make sure to bring only the permitted materials in the testing room, and remain calm while keeping a positive attitude and sharp mindset. Trust in your preparation, your teachers have worked hard for you, and you will rise to the challenge. Make sure you have the belief in your skills.

Here at USC Hybrid High, we have made a lot of growth, not too many schools can say that 100% of their students take a college entrance exam; we have been given a chance to aim for that goal, which should comfort you.

The time will come to see where everyone stands. Sit tight, take notes, and ponder about the forthcoming as we witness the greatness and capabilities of USC Hybrid High’s almighty Trojans.