(Image courtesy of Vivian Wang)
Valencia High School

Stories from a STEMinist — Episode 1

Tune in to the first episode of Stories from a STEMinist, Los Angeles Times HS Insider’s first-ever women in STEM podcast! As the producer of this podcast series, I envision using this platform to promote inclusivity and diversity in STEM through candid conversations.

In this podcast series, I’ll be chatting with prominent women in STEM who share how they have navigated their journey in a predominantly male-dominated field.

In this first episode, I invite Rona Wang to discuss her journey as a female computer scientist, mathematician and writer who intersects her love for STEM and writing through her debut novel, You Had Me at Hello World. Rona studies mathematics and computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and envisions using her novel to empower and inspire young STEMinists.

“My story ideas often come from a deep sense of justice, but also of love… and of introspection… Whatever comes out on the page is whatever deep-seated fear or need at the time…,” Rona comments.

Check out Episode 1 of Stories from a STEMinist through LA Times HS Insider’s SoundCloud!