Valor Academy High School

Fall into the allure of Pinky Pinky

If you live in Los Angeles, you know how much the music industry is growing. While there are many bands to keep an eye out for, Pinky Pinky is the one to track. Since 2015, the girls of Pinky Pinky have found their way into our punk hearts with their unique style and presentation along with their strong sound.

Amongst their fun clothes and garage rock sound, Pinky Pinky has quite the interesting story to tell about their name. While the color pink might denote innocence and femininity, the origin of the name is far from it. A South African myth told to scare little girls from staying out in the streets– Pinky Pinky is a monster that torments little girls wearing pink. Unlike the South African monster, the girls of Pinky Pinky are stealing our hearts, not our souls.

Valor Academy sophomore Anastasia Sanchez, drummer and vocalist for the band met Pinky Pinky’s bassist, junior Eva Chambers and guitarist, senior Isabelle Fields in high school and the three have been playing together ever since. With favorites such as Kevin Ayers and Kate Bush, the girls formed a quick bond that later flourished to become the power trio they are today.

(Members from left to right) Eva Chambers (18), Anastasia Sanchez (19), Isabelle Fields (17)

Although they may be young, the girls of Pinky Pinky already have some tales to tell from their time in the industry. From playing at The Telegram Ballroom to playing at local venues closer to home like The Hi Hat in Highland Park, Pinky Pinky has been threatened with cigarette burns and have faced the business side of the music industry. Nonetheless, they continue to make their mark on Angelinos across the county and are coming for the rest of California!

You can purchase Pinky Pinky’s latest EP at and

Pinky Pinky has upcoming shows on the following dates:

June 16 – Santa Ana at The Observatory (The Constellation Room)

June 17 – San Francisco

June 24 – Long Beach at Summer & Music Festival

June 28 – Santa Ana at The Observatory (The Constellation Room)