From left to right: Richard Araiza, London Guzman, Sean Redman, Modeste "Cobi" Cobian, Dakota Lee Photo courtesy of Innovative Leisure
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Get to know The Buttertones

Photo courtesy of Innovative Leisure
The Buttertones most recent album, Gravedigging. Photo courtesy of Innovative Leisure

Hailing from the heart of Los Angeles, The Buttertones continue to make their mark on the world of rock n’ roll with their unique and blended sound which mixes classic Rock along with influences from the 1950’s and ’60s. Take a further look to get to know who The Buttertones are and catch some good stories.

As you listen to The Buttertones’ most recent album, “Gravedigging,” you can’t help but imagine yourself in a cinematic dream filled with car-chases, vicious villains and the sound of Rock. It was unanimous that this was the inspiration for “Gravedigging” according to all five of the members who have been together since the winter of 2012.

While each member has his own taste in music, they all seem to carry a common love for the classics. Sean Redman, 26, bassist, listed his personal taste to sway towards bands like Nirvana and The Gorillaz. Singer and guitarist Richard Araiza, 25, was quick to mention “The King” Elvis Presley as one of his favorites along with fellow guitarist Dakota Lee, 24, who cites The Clash as one of his personal musical influences.

Modeste “Cobi” Cobian, 28, drummer, recalls growing up in Spain and Puerto Rico and being influenced by his father’s taste in music along with jazz influences. Meanwhile Saxophonist, London Guzman, 24, reaches for music from the latter part of the 20th century with band such as The Pixies, and The Gun Club.

With a sound that beautifully blends the latter  half of the twentieth century with the classic and new sound of rock n’ roll, I was quite intrigued as to who writes the music for The Buttertones. The Buttertones’ unique sound that plays as smoothly as butter itself is created by the members themselves! Each member adds their own flare to each song and album to create their action-film-soundtrack sound.

Make sure not to miss out on the exciting sound of The Buttertones as the continue to take over the music scene. Before you know it, they’ll be taking over your Spotify playlist!

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