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“Almost Maine” is the main(e) attraction

This year’s fall theater production, Almost Maine, was a smash hit on its opening weekend at Van Nuys Senior High School.

Directed by Mr. Randy Olea, the play consists of eleven scenes, all of which are literal reenactments of famous love clichés such as falling in love, breaking your heart, and blindness to love. It takes place on a cold winter night in Maine with the Aurora Borealis shining above in the sky, which attributes to the sequence of odd events that follow. The minimalistic sets and beautiful backdrop of the Northern Lights help to convey the chilly essence of Maine.

Each scene in the play has a different story with a surprise ending and references characters from other scenes, illustrating a sense of community within the small town. The play showcased several new faces and brought talent of all grade levels together in one fantastic show. All in all, the hardworking cast and crew performed yet another memorable production flawlessly.

“When I first started I was only acquaintances with one or two people, but by the end of the production, I felt like I had another family,” said first-time performer Edgar Cano.

— Shayda Shevidi


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