Van Nuys Senior High School

Freshman Fun Day


On Oct. 23, Van Nuys High School held its “Freshman Funday” during fifth and sixth periods.

Freshman Funday is an event created by the upperclassmen for freshmen to socialize, meet new people, and of course, have fun. During this event, there were lots of activities and games for the freshmen to play, an example of which was a water balloon tossing game. There also was food served to the freshmen, including popsicles, popcorn, and cotton candy.

“One thing that I liked the most about Freshman Funday was that we got to meet new people and had time to hang out with our friends,” said freshman Angela Ganguly.

Freshmen Funday was a success. It looks like a new tradition is blossoming for freshmen at Van Nuys High School.

— Yerin Oh