Van Nuys Senior High School

Power 106’s DJ Hozer ‘hypes up’ Van Nuys High School’s Latin Dance

On Jan. 23, the Associated Student Body (ASB) Government hosted the Latin Dance. The dance featured DJ Hozer from radio station Power 106. Many people attended, including visitors from other schools. The atmosphere was hyped up and fun.

Everyone was dancing and enjoying the Latin music. DJ Hozer did a spectacular job playing songs that were a balance between American and Latin music. He shared his thoughts about the school in his personal Instagram account, praising that we were the best school he had performed at so far. Most students felt positive about the dance and thought it was special since it hadn’t been held for the past two years.

As the night passed by, the intensity increased. A tarp filled with balloons streamed down onto the crowd, uplifting the lively atmosphere. Everyone had fun popping balloons. There was food being sold by the soccer and track and field teams. People relished the good quality food that was provided such as tacos, pizza, and drinks.

“Hopefully ASB Government will be able to make this happen again next year. That way we can allow students unwind and have fun. I think it was a really spectacular event and it was affordable too. I enjoyed it very much!” said Samrin Rana, a senior who attended.

–Jenisa Chuayjarernsook