Van Nuys Senior High School

Seniors vs. faculty dodgeball game

During lunch on Oct. 29, the small gym at Van Nuys Senior High School was filled with the cheers and hoots of students rooting for their favorite players in the Seniors vs. Faculty Dodgeball Game.

Various teachers showed off their athletic ability as they ran around and avoided the rush of the “dodgeballs,” which were actually deflated volleyballs. Meanwhile, their opponents showed the energy and excitement of senior year as they tossed and caught the balls. However, the players were not the only ones enjoying the game—members of the audience, when they weren’t avoiding balls accidentally thrown towards the bleachers, were screaming and cheering for their friends and teachers.

“The game was exhilarating. I could feel the blood coursing through my veins while I hit opponents in the face,” said. senior Oscar Guerra.

Thanks to ASB Government’s efforts in organizing the game, participants and spectators both were undoubtedly entertained and riled up. Hopefully, the next event between students and staff will be
as fun, if not more.

–Krystal Hahn