Van Nuys Senior High School

Van Nuys High School Magnet Facebook pages

The Van Nuys Math/Science, Medical, and Performing Arts Magnets create their first ever Facebook pages as part of a movement to recruit more smart and talented students into our magnet programs.

The “Van Nuys Math/Science & Medical Magnets” and “Van Nuys Performing Arts Magnet” Facebook pages both post relevant news concerning announcements from magnet counselors, photos of classroom activities, and links to valuable resources for students. In addition, the Facebook pages highlight the school’s (new) official promotional video for prospective students, showcasing the strengths of all three magnets, from the endless variety of enriching opportunities to the friendly atmosphere created by the students.

“Van Nuys Math/Science & Medical Magnets” Facebook link:

“Van Nuys Performing Arts Magnet” Facebook link: