Van Nuys Senior High School

Van Nuys High School’s Film Showcase

The satisfying smiles on the filmmakers’ faces, eager to present their long hard work creating the best film for friends and families to enjoy, anticipation of viewers sitting in the auditorium staring at the wide-screen, were all on display.

On January 19 and 26, the Film Showcase was held in the Donna Hubbard Auditorium. The films featured a variety of genres such as action, horror, comedy, and romance. The films presented many emotions to the viewers.

The most popular film was “Snickers Bar.” The Snickers Bar centered on the idea that “You’re not you, when you’re hungry.” In one of the snicker-themed film, the characters acted as though they were someone else. Once they took a bite off their hearty Snickers Bar, they returned back into the original person or gained some energy that they didn’t have before. It was quite amusing to see the change.

The most memorable film would be “Doritos Pass the Bag.” It featured students who grabbed a Dorito out of the bag and crunched on them. Then proceeded to throw the bag and the scene changed to another student to who catches the bag and crunches on Doritos. It goes on and on. It was wildly entertaining to hear the sounds of the munching and crunching of Doritos in the background. The sound made many people in the audience hungry for some Doritos.

Another dynamic film would be “Fleeing Identity.” It began with a boy who was running away from an antagonist. The intensity of the background music added an element of fear to the chase. Once the boy reached a dead-end, he found himself surrounded by people in red masks reaching their hands out. As they got closer and closer, the boy eventually turned into one of them.

The best comedic film would go to “Teens in the Wild.” The scene started out with a guy in a cream-colored exploration outfit talking in a soothing and quiet voice similar to the exploration channels we see on TV. He observed the different types of teenagers in a curious manner as though they were animals in their habitat. The viewers laughed and enjoyed this film very much.

There were other astounding films as well, but the most memorable ones were these three. The audience loved it and had a great time viewing the films that the student of Van Nuys had created. The 2016 Film Showcase was a success and we hope there will be a next one soon!

–Jenisa Chuayjarernsook