Van Nuys Senior High School

Van Nuys High School’s Science Bowl experience

On Feb. 21, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) annual Science Bowl Regional Competition took place at one of their headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. Among the other 42 teams that participated were the Van Nuys A and B Teams.

Captain Katrina Songco, Keshan Huang, Michelle Cho, Vlad and Jared Peralta were part of A Team; B-Team Captain Taha Maksud, Sophie Taylor, Rafael Calleja and Julie Jung made up the B Team.

Unfortunately, neither teams made it to the afternoon Round of 16. Though, they were able to compete in the Water and Power Community Credit Union Hands-On Competition. This competition entailed not only numerous mind-boggling puzzles, but also the creation of the highest tower one team could make. In this competition, Van Nuys A Team placed 4th and each member on the team received the WPCCU $100 Office Depot Gift Card Scholarship.

The North Hollywood A Team unsurprisingly won the regional competition and the Palisades Charter High School B Team claimed first place in the Hands-On Competition.

-Keshan Huang