Van Nuys Senior High School

Variety Night at Van Nuys High School

Variety Night at Van Nuys: performers from the Vocal Department conveyed their emotions and talent through musical pieces and beautiful voices; the concert was a blast. The show took place on Jan. 28 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Jan. 29 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Hubbard Auditorium. The event entertained the audience with covers of pop music and old classics, which fully engaged the eager viewers.

The production started off with “Telephone” by Lady Gaga, featuring a quartet of student singers. The upbeat and exciting nature of the song captured the attention of the public. Then, the performance by Aerein Gundayao and May Nguyen blew the crowd away. Singing “If I Were a Boy” by BC Jean, they used their angelic harmonies and powerful vocals to fill up the entire auditorium with emotion. After the intermission, Omri Azarly, Josh Geronilla and Erica Madlangskay came on stage and performed “Valerie” by various artists. Using the soothing sounds of a bass and an electric guitar accompanying their soulful voices, the trio performed a touching cover of this jazzy song.

“I had so much fun working together with such great musicians. I get better as I perform more on stage, and Van Nuys gives me so many opportunities to do so,” said performer Josh Geronilla.

The finale was taken away with Giselle Llamas singing Florence & the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over.” Through her compelling voice, she expressed the notes with grace and power.

Once again, the Vocal Department held a successful production; each of the musicians showed off his or her color and skill through beautiful music. They never fail to give the audience a wonderful time.

–Jeehyun Kim