Van Nuys Senior High School

VNHS Girls’ Golf: State Championships

Taking Van Nuys High School (VNHS) to state regionals, the girls’ golf team has once again put in their best effort to achieve above and beyond. By constantly reflecting the work ethic of all VNHS students, the team has proved that determination can lead to success.

However, the team has met many challenges along the way, including numerous confrontations with North Hollywood High School, one of VNHS’s biggest rivals.

“Beating them in a match this season was one of our biggest achievements. Frustrating as it might be, playing against really good teams helps our own team to grow,” said Biko Deshazo, the captain of the girls’ golf team.

The girls’ golf team played regular league matches consisting of nine holes, which led up to league finals, consisting of eighteen holes. By placing third in their league match finals, the team qualified for city finals, where they also placed third. This allowed the girls’ golf team to secure their position at state regionals. Third place meant they could send three individuals to regionals: Deshazo, Madison Dulkanchainun and Grace Satana. If these players do well enough at state regionals, state championships will go from a distant goal to a hopeful reality.

“Personally, this is my third season in girls’ golf, but this time, I really strive to go to state. However, if I don’t make it, I’ll be happy knowing I tried my best. I just want to say that I am so proud—I couldn’t have asked for a better team,” said Deshazo.

— Juliann Kim