Khloe Kardashian (right) & Amy Schumer (left).
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Amy Schumer skewers Kardashian’s on SNL

The famous comedy show Saturday Night Live, also known as SNL for short, is an outstanding show aired live starring various comedians and actors who put on well-practiced skits which make the audience burst into outrageous laughter. SNL is known for its bare comedy that skewers celebrities from all sorts of categories such as: politics, actors and actresses, singers, and reality TV stars.

SNL presents every episode in live broadcast with a musical number and a special host who recites a few jokes to warm-up the crowd before they go into their funny two-minute scenes, known as comedy sketches, which parodies contemporary culture and politics, and are performed by a large and varying cast of repertory and newer cast members.

SNL is known to make jokes about people who have caught the eye of the media, and those who are very famous. For example, recently SNL’s host for their second episode in season 41, Amy Schumer, told jokes about the most famous reality TV stars, Klhoe, Kim, Kris and Kourtney Kardashian, and how they profusely use plastic surgery to cheat their way into “beauty.”

It is well-known that the Kardashian’s have made alterations to not only their faces but as well their bodies. Thanks to the art of plastic surgery, those who can afford it can change their image as they please. Even though the Kardashian’s are judged for it, they have no hesitation in being open about the extreme methods used to enhance their natural bodies.

Though, when Schumer seems to make a few jokes to a live audience, it suddenly becomes a problem. This turned into a twitter feud between Schumer and Klhoe Kardashian, but was resolved when Schumer made her peace by saying she only had love for the Kardasihan’s. Several celebrities, including politicians, have been made fun of on SNL, and most of them even play along with the jokes about them in a more enjoyable manner than the Kardashian’s or several other celebrities have done in the past of present.

I believe SNL strictly revolves around humor and comedy; they would never intentionally poke at another person’s career by publicly humiliating them. Even if SNL purposely skewers celebrities, those who are famous and well-known around the world should be aware that the price of being showered with fame is to be prepared to handle the negativity people bring to you, and how you handle it is another very important part of the job you take on as a celebrity.