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How to spice up your Christmas!

For someone who is well spirited when the time comes for snuggling by a lit fire, and who grows excited at the idea of decorating my home, it’s a talent. I still have a severe struggle when brainstorming ideas about how to spice up my Christmas to make it even more interesting than last year or the year before that.

Let’s face it, no one wants to come home on a holiday and do the same thing they did last year with their entire family or friends. Holidays, especially Christmas, are supposed to be full of laughter, and memories in the making, topped with cheesy themed Christmas movies. Now hear me when I say your worrying is over! Below, I will list a few things you can do with your family over the holidays that will freshen up your old, and boring Christmas traditions.

Playing board games or watching the same old Christmas movies can grow super boring. If you’re tired of sitting inside and thinking of what you can do outdoors on a cold winter night, think no further! Los Angeles, at this time of joy and spirit, is known for how residents all over the area decorate their homes to the extreme with displays of bright Christmas lights and fabulous decor.

The most popular attraction is Candy Cane Lane, located in Woodland Hills, Calif. This group of homeowners at Lubao & Oxnard street in the area collectively decide each year to put on an amazing holiday display of lights and decorations, competing against one another every year. You can discover more information on their website here.

Ice skating is also another fun way to enjoy Christmas with your family. Winter season is the one time out of the year that the famous ship, The Queen Mary, is transformed into a winter wonderland surrounding a big ice rink. They refer to this event as “CHILL at the Queen Mary”, where Santa Claus occasionally appears between the hours to take pictures with children and asks them what they would like for Christmas. This event was purposely created to provide a wonderful experience for families and friends during the Christmas season. Discover more here.

I hope my suggestions are enough to fulfill you and your families satisfaction when you all come together to celebrate Christmas. It’s important to keep traditional celebration and meaning to the Christmas Holiday. Within the developing years of my life, I have learned that Christmas magic is powerful, but the power in our hearts is even more magical. Our ability to love one another, to renew our faith and bring hope into our lives as well the lives of others, are the greatest of gifts to give and receive. Christmas is indeed a time for sharing in gift giving and celebrating, too. And yet, the greatest gifts are not the ones wrapped in fine papers or dressed in colorful bows. They are those given with an open heart, one wrapped in the lovely ribbons of faith, hope, and love.