Verdugo Hills High School

Nike Air Mags



After many years of online hoaxing on the day in which Marty McFly arrives from the past, in his time-traveling machine, The Delorean has finally arrived. Oct. 21 was a very important date in the movie Back To The Future 2 (BBTF 2), it was the day when Marty and Doc time travel to the future (2015) to prevent McFly’s son from being imprisoned. This was also where the famous self-tying Nike’s were first shown. Those Nike’s turned out to strike quite a few chords in many people. Those shoes were later named Nike Air Mags and their first version was officially released in 2011.

Nike delivered their second pair of BTTF 2 Air Mags to Michael J. Fox, also known as Marty Mcfly. He was kind enough to make a video of himself trying on the shoes, which only made “sneakerheads” all around the world very jealous and happy. Jealousy reached a peak point when fans found out that the new Air Mags won’t be released until 2016. Just like the 2011 version of the Air Mags, these power laced versions will be released through an auction. All the money made in the auction will go to Michael J. Fox’s Foundation for Parkinson’s research. The 2011 Air Mags brought in an estimated 5.6 million dollars, when they were displayed at the auction, one can only imagine how much they will bring in next year.

We decided to interview a few “sneakerheads” at our school and get their opinion on the matter.

“I like the sneakers, but personally, I have been waiting on the Kyrie 2’s which are about drop soon, and though people like the Air Mags, I need a pair of sneakers I can afford and play ball in,” said junior Jude Bigay.

“I give two thumbs up to the shoes and its designers, because now I won’t have trouble tying my shoes,” said junior Tyler Adams, a diehard Back to the Future fan.

However, all hope vanished from Adam’s eyes when we told him the estimated price of the Air Mags.

Price is always an issue for some students who are not able to keep up with the “sneakerhead” lifestyle.

“I think it’s all just to make money and make the brand more famous, the only helpful thing about the shoe is its ability to tie itself,” said junior Otto Escalante.

He may have a point because even most adults can’t afford the sneakers, but not if they want to pay college tuition for their children.