Mira Costa band strengthens father-daughter bond

It is said that actions speak louder than words. For a man who can only communicate with his daughter through actions, this saying holds true. Through actions, emotions, and music he is able to salvage a relationship that could have been destroyed with the diagnosis of his disease. Jenessa Gonzalez has a bond with her father that is incomparable to any other. A bond that was naturally created, but has been heightened by music.

To some, marching band may not lure the greatest amount of interest, but to others, like those that are a part of marching band, it lures their complete and undivided love and attention. In order to be as precise and as coordinated as this group of people have to be, you have to build bonds with each other. You have to create a family apart from your genetic one. This bond is something that has helped Jenessa broaden her high school experience and also bring an even closer connection to her father.

Jenessa utilizes this incomparable connection by seeing her music in a way that most couldn’t. It becomes not about herself, not about hitting the right notes, but doing it for her father. A father figure is something that most take for granted in life. While most would consider her father’s illness a disadvantage, Jenessa will say that it has pushed her to further her passion for music more than she ever would have without it.