(Image courtesy of Pamela Wang)
Walnut High School

Opinion: Why I became a music producer

Most people listen to songs each day because music is a part of people’s lives, but most of those people don’t produce music. When I first get engaged to make music is when I was in eighth grade. I was doing my homework and listening to the songs from YouTube, there is a lo-fi beat called “F O R G E T” by Misery Beat. 

I loved the intro of this beat because it is so emotional. I scrolled down the comments and saw people who write rap while listening, so I did too. I wrote the words down and just started to sing. I created this whole flow and I was so proud of myself back then.

I create a whole lot of lyrics and then find beats so I can add my lyrics in. The only problem is I can only rap in Chinese instead of English, so I printed out the rap lyrics of Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and other rappers to study their lyrics. 

Later that summer, I begged my mom to buy me a microphone and an external sound card that can connect a microphone to the computer and I also bought a monitor headphones. I started to make formal music and use the website music.163.comthat allows people to upload their music. This is like the Chinese version of Spotify — nearly everyone uses this app to listen to songs. 

Unluckily, I started my freshman year last August. I don’t have a lot of time for music since academics are the most important thing for me. Now, I only write lyrics and find some beats, but I never have time to create a beat.

I became a producer because it’s just relaxing to write some lyrics to express my feelings. After finding a beat and putting my lyrics in it, I feel really satisfied with it because it gives me a really good feeling. 

An artist named Nate inspired me a lot. He uses some lyrics to express how angry and depressed he is, and how nobody understands him. He is a special rapper because he knows his style. Also, there isn’t even one curse word in his song. There are also a bunch of people who influenced me a lot. Put it all together and that’s why I became a producer.