West Covina High School

Junior football player Isaiah Love receives offers

Junior Isaiah Love has had a lot of attention from football recently. He received his first offer from San Jose State University on Jan. 19, his second offer from San Diego State University on March 4, and his third offer from Fresno State University on April 20.

He started off by just having fun as a kid, and ended up falling in love with the game. Now Love is one the best prospects at West Covina High School.

Love said that football has taught him lessons that will help him contribute to his future. Not only has it taught him valuable life lessons, but also has changed his life in many positive ways.

“It’s made me grow as a person, showing me that not all things come easy and I have to work for them,” said Love. “Responsibility and time management have been my biggest and best attribute from football.”

Since football has done so much for Love, he already thinks about his future children.

“I will definitely allow my kids to play, I want them to learn all the lessons I already have,” he said.

Because of the expectations for him playing in college, he now has to think about the future, as playing means the risk of a serious head injury.

“I try my hardest not to think about it because if I do think about getting hurt, eventually it will happen,” said Love. “All I can do is tackle in the correct and proper way that helps prevent injuries to me and the other player.”

He said his uncle is the person he looks up as his idol. When his uncle played sports, he would wear No. 3.

He would always tell Love, who wears the same number, “You could never rock my number better than me.”

Love has worn that number to prove to his uncle he indeed can “rock it better.”

Love definitely sets himself apart from other high school football players. Where most say they hope they make it, Love is definitive, saying, “I’m going to make it.”