West Covina High School

Opinion: Peace in the Middle East

On April 2, negotiations between six world powers and Iran were held in Switzerland to discuss agreements on nuclear power. During these negotiations, a plan was established to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting heavy economic sanctions. Iran has agreed to various plans of action to decrease their nuclear programs as well as any fissile material in hopes of releasing tension throughout the Middle East. I believe this is a giant step towards peace in the Middle East, after years of conflict.

During the Iraq wars held between 2003 to 2011, not only was their constant fighting, but millions of lives were lost as well. Thanks to this deal passing, it seems as if there may finally be a chance of peace thanks to the easing of tension in the Middle East. With one of the largest nuclear threats now gone, this will lead to a major change in the Middle East, both positively and negatively.

With these sanctions on Iran, nuclear programs will come almost to a stop with many of their nuclear facilities being converted into physics and technology centers; allowing for the possibility of Iran going from being a major threat to a possible leader in technological advancements–and thankfully so. We have seen the devastation bombs like this can cause in places such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. It puts my mind at ease that a nation that used to be an enemy is now dismantling these weapons, showing that we do learn from our past, but even though this is a giant step towards peace many think this will only lead to more discomfort.

With the many nuclear plants Iran has, its stockpile of enriched Uranium will now need to either be diluted or sold in the international marketplace. This selling causes many to believe it could lead to more friction in the Middle East. The main reason being that this dismantling of weapons may lead to an arms race among various nations for the new material that is suddenly up for grabs, but even though it is a possibility that other nations would want this material, if done correctly through the monitoring of the UN, if Iran were to sell this material it would be watched with a close eye as to make sure that it would not fall into the wrong hands.

In the end, the for-sure positives far outweigh the possible negatives. With this new-found agreement, it would allow for President Obama to recall troops that may still be stationed over in the Middle East. No longer would American lives be put at risk for a war that should have ended years ago. Instead, families would be able to be reunited and no longer would there be such a threat from the Middle East, or possible ally.