West Covina High School

Rockin’ With the Bulldogs

Battle of the Bands 2015 from Newsbytes Online on Vimeo.

On March 20, West Covina High School’s Renaissance held their annual Battle of the Bands. With great performances from both school and guest bands alike, the event was nothing less than a success. With over $900 gained from one event, it showed the power music plays in Bulldog Country.

The event was held inside the Bulldog Cafe with tickets being sold for $5 presale and $7 at the door. It was no surprise the event was packed with eager music heads ready to listen to various artists. But not only was there an abundance of incredible music being played, delicious food was served as well. With tacos being served by Taquisa’s during the entirety of the show as well as during the intermission, everyone was able to enjoy the show on a full stomach.

The lineup of consisted of various artists both from our school and guest bands. With an opening performance by guest band Victorian Sky, they just set the tone for the rest of the night. Society, The Society of Music Clubs Band, also played an amazing performance, showing why they are Bulldogs official band.

The night was not just filled with music. Awards were given for the best overall drummer and best overall guitarist. Mark Pacpaco won Best Overall Drummer while Kiana De Leon won Best Overall Guitarist. The final sought out prize, Winner of Battle of the Bands 2015, went to ACE TTT, with their stellar performance of completely instrumental music. ACE TTT was able to win it all and brought the crowd alive thanks to Eileen Nguyen’s keyboard and Tommy Nguyen’s saxophone.

Thanks to all the work put in by chairs, Kalani Ortiz and Abigail Ruiz, this year’s Battle of the Bands proved to be one of the most successful Bulldog Country has seen.

Video edited by Vincent Franco and Joel Segura