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High school nonprofit Lets.Give making a difference

Courtesy of Naomie Coronado

When Naomie Coronado and her group of Lets.Give volunteers were in Skid Row, they met a 5-year-old boy who ran up to them and said, “Leche.” Coronado gave the boy a glass of milk as she just loved every moment of the interaction.

She recalled how “he was walking around for a while with a milk mustache [and] it was the cutest thing ever.”

It turned out that the boy’s mother was an immigrant from Guatemala who came to the U.S. in hopes of a better life, but has now found herself in poverty. That day in Skid Row, Lets.Give helped countless other families as they distributed beverages, meals, and other necessities.

This is just one of the countless stories Lets.Give volunteers can share with anyone. Currently making a huge difference in Los Angeles, Lets.Give’s aim is to make a lasting impact on the community. Founded by high school students, Lets.Give has monthly events that help in many different ways.

As Vice President Diego Gonzalez said, “Lets.Give puts on different events [like] clothes distributions, food distributions, and fundraisers for causes in need of help.”

Lets.Give has changed countless people’s lives with their service because their efforts don’t stop there.

Director of Community Outreach, Chloe Carley, said, “We hand the homeless veteran in a wheel chair a meal and make his day. We drive up to Bakersfield and give migrant farm workers clothes and sunscreen.”

Even more impactful, Lets.Give’s hand goes farther than Los Angeles.

Carley went on to say, “We drove up clothes to the Native American protesters in North Dakota. We raised over $2,000 for Flint Michigan by selling tacos.”

They’ve helped different communities, tending to different causes, and helping people no matter race, gender, or religion. To do all of this, much more than simple motivation is needed.

The reason why Founder and President Naomie Coronado has put in so much effort to make Lets.Give such an impactful organization is because, “It’s my outlet to give to my community that has given so much to me, that has raised me. It’s so important to come together and unite now more than ever, no matter what you look like or what you believe in.”

She also said, “[Lets.Give] is the reason I wake up in the morning, and when anything negative happens I know that [Lets.Give] has my back and I know that we can and are making a difference.”

Lets.Give’s flagship event for the month of April is Tribe Called Culture, an event happening at Leuzinger High School. There will be an art walk, spoken word poetry, music, and food. If you would like more information, be sure to take a look.

If Lets.Give’s manufacturing of change makes you want to get up and make a difference, or if you simply want to see their work and how much they’ve accomplished, be sure to check out their website.

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