West Torrance High School

Poem: Dear tired brown girl

Dear tired brown girl, 


I know you’re almost ready to give up

But hold on a little longer and keep your voice loud.

Hold on for those who haven’t found theirs yet, 

who are still lost in this world of hate. 


They will beat you down with their words and say

You’re too loud, too short, too fat, too dark. 

Too smart, too poor, too stubborn, too proud;

You’re too much for them, but still never enough.


Dear tired brown girl, 


Keep taking one step after another

And don’t let them steal your spirit. 

Because what they’re doing to you,

they’re doing to every other immigrant with a dream. 


They will tell you you’re working too hard; 

You have too much ambition and too much drive. 

No matter what they say or come what may, 

don’t apologize for being who you are. 


Dear tired brown girl, 


Never apologize for your melanin-infused skin

And the chocolate tint of your eyes.

Never apologize for where you come from; 

Wear the roots of your people with pride. 


I can see the walls you’ve built brick by brick

Fall from the veiled insults coming your way. 

But I also see your strength as it sparks a fire, 

A blaze to light the way for hundreds to follow. 


Keep talking because your words are clearing the clouds

In order for us to see their prejudiced ways. 

You will never need their validation or their faith, 

Because you are always going to be enough. 



A tired brown girl