Omar Rashad / LA Times HS Insider
West Torrance High School

Seniors face the future and acceptance letters

It’s that time of year again when universities begin to accept and reject hopeful freshman applicants. It’s tough to stay confident during this pensive time, especially for many West Torrance High School students.

Whether it’s during the application process or if it’s moments before finding out whether you got in or not, these times are stressful. When reminded of high school regrets or being overwhelmed with nostalgia, applying is not always the easiest thing.

As Robby Tinti said, “I applied to mechanical engineering programs which are very competitive so looking at acceptance statistics wasn’t very helpful.”

Choosing where to apply isn’t easy either, but much like what Shashank Coorapati did, looking, doing research, and getting to know colleges is the best way to go about.

Coorapati said, “What I would advise people to do is actually know what colleges they want to apply to and separate their list into three categories: reaches, targets and safeties.”

On the other hand, not everyone knows exactly what they would like to pursue in the future, so applying to colleges and deciding on majors may have seemed a bit rushed.

Ghazi Aryan said, “[The application process] was a flurry of doing whatever felt right and not enough emphasis on the importance of research and applying to majors that would get my foot in the door but still be within my realm of interest at a dream school.”

Indecision is one of many things that strike seniors as they apply to colleges. Furthermore, while filling out these applications, many seniors drift into episodes of nostalgia. Moving on from the transcendent greenery right in between Buildings 4 and 3, the wonderful teachers that grace the Warrior campus, as well as West’s culture and environment can be overwhelming.

Zachary Babbit commented on the culture of West and said, “I think I’m going to miss the culture because of the variety of people’s talents, whether from sports or academics, that contribute to the salad bowl of West High.”

West is home to unique students who go beyond their AP test scores, SAT results, GPA, and leadership repertoire. So, no matter what colleges or universities these Warriors get in to, they’ll sure enough be at the forefront of manifesting good change in this world.

But in the end, here’s some advice for soon to be seniors, or just some hopeful high school students out there. When tackling the college application process, Aryan also highlighted the importance of research.

Aryan said, “Whatever grade you’re in, wherever you are, keep your eyes peeled. Learn about what you’re interested in and give yourself the summer before senior year to truly look into colleges and their majors and what you should apply as.”