(Illustration by Alyssa Brook)
Westlake High School

Poem: The Song of Hope

The sounds of cheering turned into crying,

While the song of hope turned into lying.

People vacated the streets,

And washers took down pinned sheets.

Bankers with briefcases in hand walked silently into their cars,

While children dreamed of leaving this place and flying off to Mars.


Walking into a store was like entering unknown places,

With strangers walking past struggling to shield their faces.

Rubber gloves tried to protect hands from the outside,

While the fear of catching the virus only amplified.

Events 12th graders look forward to disappeared into thin air,

While this situation grew into a neverending nightmare.


Communication only existed through video calls,

With friends wanting to break through the online walls.

The question became, “When are we allowed to leave this cage?”

Empty silence only filled students with endless rage.

People soon realized the virus could not win,

And strength in community overpowered fear until it wore thin.


The song of hope turned out to be true,

While the bonds made with one another only grew.