Supreme line in New York City
Westlake High School

Supreme: Is it really worth all the hype?

Prevalent in schools, Supreme has become the hype of 2018. Their clothing not only ranges from hoodies to beanies, but even Nike x Supreme shoes and Louis Vuitton x Supreme handbags.

Streetwear official, an online clothing store, said, “Supreme is the definition of Streetwear and in many ways is the force that continues to bless the streetwear world and carry it into the next generation[…]A favorite across the board, its pieces are beloved by men and women on opposite ends of the fashion spectrum — how often do you see Travis Scott and Victoria Beckem wearing variations of the same look?”

Not only is supreme slowly rising as “Hollywood’s favorite fashion brand,” but is uniting celebrities of different styles.

However, why is Supreme so popular?

Hannan Hadid, a creator at Bazaar Magazine, said, “When artists such as A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator and Kanye West don the red and white logo, they inject the brand with a level of swag that people who love the hip hop community aspire to have. Eventually, as hip hop culture become more and more mainstream with the proliferation of rap music and hypebeast trends, Supreme becomes the standard of effortless swag.”

Similarly, students strive to display their “swag” and fashion even at school. It is hard to walk down the hallways without seeing at least a few people covered in Supreme.

Even then, this might not be the main reason why people wait hours in line just to get a hold of a shirt.

Jamie Clifton, a Vice creator said, “On Grailed, a high-end clothing resale site, you’ll often find old Supreme for the same price as a plane ticket from London to Bangkok.”

More commonly, people will wait in six-hour long lines because of the resell value, the real reason for all the hype. Though the shirts might cost two hundred dollars in the beginning, they could sell for more than double the price.

Though Supreme is considered a luxury brand, it still brings up the question of whether or not their items are overpriced.

On Streetwear Official, an online clothing site, Supreme beach balls are being sold for one hundred fifty U.S. dollars, and Supreme/Fila wristbands are being sold for two hundred U.S. dollars.

The most expensive item sold by Supreme is a ninety thousand dollar Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk “highly desirable by celebrities around the globe.”

Some might be confused to why people would spend their “hard-earned money” on these items; however, their way of thinking plays a role in their decision.

Tiffanie Wen, a BBC Capital writer, said, “And here’s the simplest reason of all: people splurge on luxury goods because they think it will make them happy.”

People all over the world buy luxury items to feel happy, but should people really rely on clothing and accessories to fulfill their happiness?