Whitney High School

Audcessories: a Way to Consume & Contribute

On March 29, 2017, then-sophomore from Whitney High School Audrey Hsu and her wire rings and pins business Audcessories was only $10 away from reaching $1,000 for the organization School on Wheels.

Established in 1993, School on Wheels mission is to “enhance education opportunities for homeless children from K-12 grade.” The organization provides school supplies to low-income schools as well as educational opportunities and scholarships for the less fortunate students as a stepping stone for them to succeed.

Originally a short-term project to explore the business world, Hsu began selling wire rings at an economical price through the business’ Instagram account @audcessories to her school peers. With her mind deeply implanted in her goal of assisting School on Wheels and giving herself a sense of direction for her future, Hsu was quickly inspired by Pinterest posts and began making the aesthetically pleasing rings.

As the non-profit organization expanded in popularity among her peers, Audcessories became a sort of a part-time job to Hsu and she began including handmade pins as one of her products. Hsu’s initial goal of $200 for School on Wheels had been dramatically surpassed as her business boomed with sales from audcessory-hungry teens all around her city. 

a Wave Ring is sold for $2 and is completely customizable!


Now a junior, Audrey Hsu has raised well over $1,000 and hopes to bring this organization with her to college. Her future plans for the organization include hiring employees and eventually acquiring a co-owner as she dreams of expanding this organization into all of California. With a heart of gold and a career-driven mindset, Hsu aspires to give back to the community as she donates all proceeds from her sales to School on Wheels.

Audrey Hsu, a Junior at Whitney High School, is an aspiring business-owner/CEO

Any inquiries or interested in a beautiful ring? Contact Audrey Hsu at audcessories@gmail.com and follow her Instagram page @audcessories!